Benapole Express Train schedule & Ticket Price

Benapole Express Train schedule & Ticket Price. In this post, we are providing all the information including the Beanpole express train schedule, Benapole Express train ticket price, Benapole Express. Train stoppage station and its facilities. If you are interested to know that the Benapole Express train schedule and ticket price. please read this article until the very end.

There was no train service directly from Beanpole to Dhaka. So the Bangladesh government had decided to operate a new Intercity train on Dhaka Beanpole route as the existing train makes 14 tops,1 taking the total travel time to 10 to 12 hours. The passengers of India are facing extreme suffering. The only route to travel depends on the bus. this breakthrough move saves at least 3 to 4 hours as Benapole Express is reaching its destination with7-8 hours making only to stopover at the airport and Iswardi station.

Dhaka to Benapole Distance:

Dhak to Benapole by road 243 kilometers.Dhaka to Benapole by train 383 kilometers.

Dhaka to Benapole Google Map

Benapole Express Train schedule & Ticket Price

The Benapole Express has scheduled to run non-stop for 6 days every week.

Benapole LAN port was established as a land Customs station and later it was turned into a customs division in1984. In it was transformed into a custom house in997 and in 2009 new buildings where was constructed in the location and Benapole customs and immigration check post-state its operation science then.

Dhaka To Benapole Train Schedule:

Station Off Day Departure Arrival
Dhaka to Benapole Wednesday 23:15 08:20
Benapole to Dhaka Wednesday 12:45 20:40

This rail link coming into operation will strengthen India Bangladesh rail connectivity and bilateral trade. It will also enhance Rail Network accessibility to the main ports and dry ports to support the growth in regional Trade and to encourage economic and social development of the region.

Benapole Express Train Substations Schedule

From Dhaka to Benapole there are almost 9+ sub-stations. The break station schedule is given below.

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