Dhaka To Kurigram Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Kurigram Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price. Rail connectivity is necessary for regional development and economic growth in the present world. A railway is an efficient mode of transport as a train carries more than a four-lane road and needs 50-70% less energy to transport a given number of passengers ore a given tonnage of freight than by road. The history of the railway in Bangladesh is of 150 years. Railway operation in today’s Bangladesh began on November 15 in 1862 when has around 2877.10 kilometers of the Railway network which connects 44 Districts out of 65 Districts

Dhaka to Kurigram Distance by Road:

The total straight line distance between Dhaka and Kurigram is 235 KM (kilometers) and 700 meters. The miles based on distance from Dhaka to Kurigram is 146.5 miles. This is a straight line distance and so most of the time the actual travel distance between Dhaka and Kurigram may be higher or vary due to the curvature of the road.

Kurigram Express (Train no. 797-798) is a non-stop intercity train that runs between Dhaka and the northern Kurigram District.

Kurigram Express Train Schedule:

Station Off Day Departure Arrival
Dhaka to Kurigram Wednesday 20:45 06:15
Kurigram to Dhaka Wednesday 07:15 17:25

Kurigram Express Train Stoppage Stations:

Station Name Up Time (797) Down Time (798)
Biman bandor 21:12 16:50
Madhnagar 01:26 12:10
Santahar 02:05 11:35
Joypurhat 02:50 10:49
Parbatipur 04:00 09:30
Badarganj 04:27 08:57
Rangpur 04:55 08:26
Kaunia 05:19 08:04

How to Booking Train Ticket Dhaka to Kurigram Online:

you have to register on the Bangladesh Railway Esheba website. you will not be able to buy a ticket before register on the railway Esheba website.

Link:  esheba.cnsbd.com

Kurigram Express Train Ticket Price:

Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon Chair 510
AC Chair 1015
AC Seat 1010
AC Berth 1575

How To Buy a Ticket By Mobile:

passenger can buy. booking intercity train tickers via Robi, Grameenphone, and Banglalink ltd. the provided better service. you have to register first. for registration, you have to go to the mobile message option first. Then type TKET snd send it to 1200. When your registration completes, then you will get a return SMS from the mobile operator. In this SMS, they will send you a pine . Then you will buy a train ticket by following the steps below.

Kurigram Tourist place :

  • Arabic inscription of a mosque (Hussain Shahi period): Kurigram.
  • Image of Kali at Dasherhat: Kurigram.
  • Images of Mangal Chandi: Kurigram.
  • Joymoni Zamindar Bari: Kurigram.
  • Kali Siddheshwari Mandir (Ulipur): Kurigram.
  • Kamakkha Devi: Kurigram.
  • Laksmi and Sattanarayan in front of the Bhetarbandh Zamindar Bari: Kurigram.
  • Naodanga Zamindar Bari and Mandir (Phulbari): Kurigram.
  • Pangeshwari Mandir and remnants of the Rajbari (Rajarhat): Kurigram.
  • Remnants of a Mosque (Mughal period, 1176 AH) at Nayarhat: Kurigram.
  • Remnants of a Mosque near Patweshwari Bazar (Mughal period): Kurigram.
  • Three Domed Mosque (Mughal period) at village Majider Par of Thanahat Union (Bhurangamari): Kurigram.
  • Two Canons of Panga Kingdom (preserved at the BDR Gate): Kurigram.

All information was based on the railway’s official website. May your journey be happy. This is our goal. We hope you come to our site and get some good information. If you need to know about any other train schedule, come back to our site and search.

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