Halo Infinite Player Count 2023: How Many People are Playing?

According to The New York Times, as of July 2023, roughly 10 million people are playing Halo Infinite. This is up from just 30 million players a day at its height two months earlier. While it’s still far behind massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMOs) like World of Warcraft and League of Legends, which have billions of subscribers worldwide, Halo Infinite has made significant inroads against traditional video game rivals such as Super Mario 64 and Halo. In June 2023 Niantic Labs announced that since its release in early 2016, Pokémon GO has been downloaded more

When it first arrived on Steam toward the end of last year, Halo Infinite had a great start. Since then, the number of players in Halo Infinite has started to decline and is now at an all-time low. Halo Infinite appears to be suffering the same fate as Battlefield 2042, another first-person shooter that came out around the same time, in an intriguing turn of events. This may come as a surprise considering that EA supposedly blamed Halo Infinite’s release around the same time for Battlefield 2042 dismal reception.

EA later denied the claim, It is noteworthy to note that player numbers for both games have fallen significantly. The success Halo Infinite has had on Steam only serves to highlight how many players the game has lost since its release. In November 2021, Halo Infinite reached its highest-ever Steam player count of 256,619; Over the past 30 days, the game has only averaged about 5,763 players. This huge difference was perhaps not anticipated considering the game’s strong beginning.

 Coming into 2023, Halo Infinite is holding an average PC player count of 3,000 to 4,000 each month. The player count has its peaks, reaching as high as 7,000 and even 12,000 in recent months.

Halo Infinite Player

Month Avg. Players Gain
Last 30 Days 3,605.8 +20.6
August 2022 3,585.3 -255.3
July 2022 3,840.6 -462.7
June 2022 4,303.3 -2,115.3

Halo Infinite Player Count Halo Infinite’s Premise

The most anticipated installment in the Halo franchise, Halo Infinite, is scheduled for release in December 2021. It was produced by Xbox Game Studios and 343 Industries. The story of Master Chief and his crew is continued in the game, which builds on the events of Halo 5: Guardians. It is a prequel to Halo 5 and continues the events that happened after the previous installment’s release. The sequel’s emphasis will be on fresh gameplay and narratives. Players shouldn’t anticipate any significant differences from earlier editions, even though this game is a series expansion. Read More – God of War Ragnarok PC

The most alluring aspect of Halo Infinite is its multiplayer mode. Contrary to Halo 3, multiplayer modes offer a lot of customization. With all kinds of accessories, such as hats, gloves, and weaponry, you can dress up your avatar you choose. A special Xbox One will be included with Infinite. On your PC, you can also play the campaign mode, but it’s not necessary.

Halo Infinite Player Count Player Count:

The list of monthly active players for Halo Infinite is summarized in live monthly statistics. Additionally, we have recorded the peak player count for Halo Infinite. referring to the quantity of Halo Infinite players who are online at the same moment. Halo: FINAL FIGHT For the user’s better understanding, we gathered all the data and put it on a chart.

Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
Last 30 Days 3,788.9 -51.7 -1.35% 7,680
July 2022 3,840.6 -462.7 -10.75% 7,680
June 2022 4,303.3 -2,115.3 -32.96% 8,667
May 2022 6,418.6 +1,149.5 +21.82% 21,369
April 2022 5,269.1 -1,066.7 -16.84% 10,350
March 2022 6,335.8 -5,354.2 -45.80% 15,961
February 2023 11,690.0 -11,713.4 -50.05% 31,780
January 2023 23,403.5 -28,485.8 -54.90% 62,371
December 2021 51,889.3 -50,843.1 -49.49% 147,782
November 2021 102,732.3 256,619

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