New Match Masters Free Gifts Today, Stickers & Teams

In 2023, Match Masters, the popular mobile puzzle game, is rolling out exciting new updates that are set to revolutionize the gameplay experience for its users. The latest version includes the introduction of “Free Gifts Today,” a diverse collection of animated stickers, and a brand new team feature. This article aims to explore these new enhancements in detail and provide players with tips and strategies for making the most out of these fresh additions.


What is Match Masters?

For those unfamiliar with the game, Match Masters is a thrilling puzzle game where players engage in strategic battles by matching colorful blocks and outwitting their opponents. The objective is to become the ultimate match master by collecting powerful stickers, forming alliances, and achieving high scores in various game modes.

Match Masters Free Gifts Today

In 2023, Match Masters introduces a delightful “Free Gifts Today” feature. Players will be greeted with daily rewards, including boosters, coins, and other surprises, simply for logging into the game regularly. This addition aims to keep players engaged and motivated while adding an extra layer of excitement to their gaming routine.

Match Masters Free Gifts Stickers

Stickers are an integral part of Match Masters, providing players with special abilities and boosts during battles. The new update brings an extensive array of animated stickers that players can collect and unleash during gameplay. Each sticker has unique attributes and powers, enhancing the overall strategy and tactics involved in each match.

Match Masters Free Gifts Teams

One of the most anticipated features of the 2023 update is the introduction of teams. Players can now form or join teams to collaborate with like-minded individuals, participate in team-based events, and compete for exclusive rewards. Building a strong team and coordinating strategies will be key to success in the team-based challenges.

Match Masters Free Gifts How to Get Free Gifts

Acquiring the daily free gifts in Match Masters is incredibly simple. Upon launching the game, players will be presented with a pop-up notification indicating the availability of the daily gift. By clicking on the designated area, they can claim their reward and immediately put it to use in their battles. Regularly claiming these gifts will undoubtedly aid players in their journey towards becoming match masters.

Match Masters Free Gifts Collecting and Using Stickers

Collecting stickers in Match Masters is an exciting aspect that adds an element of collection and progression to the gameplay. Players can earn stickers through various in-game activities, including completing levels, participating in events, and reaching milestones. Additionally, they can also purchase sticker packs from the in-game store.

Using stickers during battles requires strategic planning. Each sticker possesses unique abilities, such as clearing multiple blocks, freezing opponents, or gaining additional moves. Understanding when and how to deploy stickers is crucial in gaining an edge over opponents and securing victory.

Match Masters Free Gifts Forming and Joining Teams

Creating or joining a team in Match Masters opens up new avenues for camaraderie and competition. Players can either start their own team or search for existing teams that match their playstyle. Collaboration with team members helps in completing team missions and earning team rewards.

Match Masters Free Gifts Benefits of Being in a Team

Being part of a team comes with several advantages. Players can strategize collectively, share tips and tricks, and engage in friendly matches to sharpen their skills. Moreover, team events and tournaments provide opportunities to win exclusive prizes and enhance the overall gaming experience.

Tips for Success in Match Masters Free Gifts

  1. Master the Basics: Focus on learning the fundamental mechanics of the game, such as matching blocks effectively and creating combos for higher scores.
  2. Explore Sticker Combinations: Experiment with different sticker combinations to find powerful synergies that can turn the tide of battle.
  3. Participate in Events: Take part in special events and challenges to earn rare stickers and exclusive rewards.
  4. Stay Active: Claim the daily free gifts and log in regularly to take advantage of time-limited offers and events.
  5. Communicate with Team Members: Communication is key in team-based gameplay. Collaborate with your team to devise winning strategies.

Final thought

The 2023 update for Match Masters brings exciting features like “Free Gifts Today,” a diverse range of animated stickers, and the introduction of teams. Players can look forward to a more engaging and enjoyable experience as they explore the new additions. By utilizing stickers wisely, forming strong teams, and actively participating in events, players can elevate their gameplay and become true match masters.


  1. Q: Are the daily free gifts in Match Masters really free? A: Yes, the daily gifts are completely free. Players can claim them by logging into the game regularly.
  2. Q: Can I use stickers in every game mode? A: Yes, stickers can be used in various game modes to gain an advantage over opponents.
  3. Q: How do I join a team in Match Masters? A: To join a team, click on the team section in the game and either search for existing teams or create your own.
  4. Q: Are team events challenging? A: Team events can be challenging but also rewarding. They offer unique opportunities to earn exclusive rewards.
  5. Q: Can I trade stickers with my teammates? A: Currently, there is no direct sticker trading feature in Match Masters. However, players can gift sticker packs to teammates as a gesture of support.

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