2024 BMW i8 M Full Specs, Price, Release Date & Review

The automotive industry is witnessing an electrifying revolution, and BMW is at the forefront of this electric mobility transformation. Among BMW’s impressive lineup of electric vehicles, the iconic BMW i8 has captured the imagination of car enthusiasts worldwide with its futuristic design and eco-friendly performance. As the world anticipates what’s next from BMW, the German automaker has unveiled an exciting addition to their i8 series – the 2024 BMW i8 M. In this article, we will delve into the full specifications, price, release date, and expert reviews of the highly anticipated BMW i8 M.


The Evolution of BMW i8

Before we dive into the details of the 2024 BMW i8 M, let’s take a brief look at the evolution of the BMW i8 series. Introduced in 2014, the original BMW i8 showcased BMW’s commitment to sustainability without compromising on performance and luxury. With its groundbreaking plug-in hybrid technology and striking design, the i8 quickly became a symbol of progressive automotive engineering.

2024 BMW i8 M Price and Release Date

The 2024 BMW i8 M’s pricing will vary depending on the region and optional packages. As for the release date, BMW has announced that the i8 M will hit showrooms worldwide in the first quarter of 2024. Prospective buyers can expect to witness this groundbreaking masterpiece in all its glory very soon.

As we know, BMW is going to launch the next BMW i8M in a total of two trims, the first coupe and the second roadster, and the price of both trims can start from around $160,000 in the US.

However, BMW has also told that the price of the next BMW i8M may be more or less in the coming days. And as soon as any information about the new price becomes available, we will update it here.

Trims Price (Est.)
Coupe $160,000
Roadster $180,000

2024 BMW i8 M Unveiled

The BMW i8 M marks the next chapter in the i8 series, promising even more exhilarating driving experiences. Unveiled at a highly anticipated event, the i8 M has already generated tremendous excitement among automotive enthusiasts and industry experts.

2024 BMW i8 M Design and Exterior Features

The 2024 BMW i8 M continues the tradition of pushing design boundaries. With its sleek aerodynamic contours, gull-wing doors, and captivating LED lighting, the i8 M boasts an unmistakably futuristic appearance. The design not only exudes elegance but also optimizes airflow, contributing to the car’s remarkable performance and efficiency.

Let us tell you that many new features can be included in the BMW i8 M electric car, such as wireless Apple CarPlay, Android AutoDroid, and a 12.3″ HD touchscreen, with other new features given below.

  • 12.3″ Inch Touchscreen Display
  • 12.3 Inch Driver Information Display
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • wireless charger
  • DC fast charger
  • Wi-Fi Connet with Automatic Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • remote connect
  • 10 Speaker Premium Audio System
  • Bluetooth and USB smartphone connectivity
  • four USB ports

2024 BMW i8 M Powerful Performance Specifications

Under the striking exterior, the 2024 BMW i8 M houses an advanced electric powertrain coupled with a high-performance internal combustion engine. This plug-in hybrid setup delivers jaw-dropping power and acceleration. The i8 M is engineered to achieve remarkable speeds and a thrilling driving experience while maintaining its electric efficiency.

2024 BMW i8 M Advanced Technology Integration

BMW has always been at the forefront of automotive technology, and the i8 M is no exception. The car incorporates cutting-edge features, including advanced driver assistance systems, intuitive infotainment, and seamless smartphone integration. This blend of innovation and convenience enhances the overall driving experience.

2024 BMW i8 M Interior Comfort and Luxury

Step inside the 2024 BMW i8 M, and you’ll be greeted by a luxurious and technologically advanced interior. High-quality materials, ergonomic design, and sophisticated accents create a sense of opulence, while state-of-the-art entertainment and comfort features ensure an enjoyable ride for both the driver and passengers.

2024 BMW i8 M Expert Reviews and Reception

As automotive enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the release of the 2024 BMW i8 M, industry experts and reviewers have already started expressing their opinions. Early glimpses and sneak peeks have generated positive feedback, with experts praising BMW’s commitment to innovation and driving pleasure.

Final thought

The 2024 BMW i8 M represents a remarkable milestone in the journey towards sustainable and high-performance electric mobility. With its striking design, powerful performance, advanced technology, and luxurious comfort, the i8 M stands as a testament to BMW’s dedication to pushing automotive boundaries. As the world eagerly awaits its release, the i8 M is set to captivate drivers and redefine the future of electric sports cars.


  1. Will the BMW i8 M be fully electric? No, the BMW i8 M will be a plug-in hybrid, combining an electric powertrain with an internal combustion engine for enhanced performance and efficiency.
  2. What is the expected range of the BMW i8 M on electric power alone? While the official figures are yet to be released, it is anticipated that the i8 M will have an impressive electric-only range, allowing for emission-free driving in urban environments.
  3. Are there any special driving modes in the BMW i8 M? Yes, the i8 M is likely to feature various driving modes, including an all-electric mode for zero-emission driving and a sport mode for maximum performance.
  4. Can I charge the BMW i8 M at home? Yes, the i8 M will come with a charging cable, allowing you to charge the battery at home using a standard power outlet or an optional home charging station for faster charging.
  5. Will the gull-wing doors from the previous i8 models be retained in the i8 M? While BMW has not officially confirmed this, it is highly likely that the iconic gull-wing doors will be retained in the 2024 BMW i8 M, adding to its futuristic appeal.

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