Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2023

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar is a journey many look forward to, given the mesmerizing beauty of Cox’s Bazar, the longest natural sea beach in the world. Traveling by train from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar is not only comfortable but also an exciting adventure. In this article, we will explore the Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar train schedule and ticket prices, helping you plan your next memorable trip.

  • Train service will partially open in September
  • Non-AC seat fare proposed at Tk700, AC seat Tk1,500
  • The rail line will be extended to Myanmar border in future

The Popularity of Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Train Travel

Train travel from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar has gained immense popularity over the years due to its comfort, affordability, and the stunning vistas it offers along the way. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, a photographer, or just someone looking for a unique travel experience, the train journey to Cox’s Bazar has something for everyone.

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Train Schedule 2023:

Name Departure Arrival Ticket Price
Mohanogor Provati Express 7:40 15:15 125-756
Mohanogor Godhuli Express 16:40 23:20 320-731
Shuborno Express 15:00 21:45 355-673
Turna Nishitha 23:00 6:35 320-1093
Chattala Express 11:00 19:35 265-425

Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Departure Stations in Dhaka

Travelers can board the Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar train from two main stations: Kamalapur Railway Station and Airport Railway Station. The availability of trains may vary based on your choice of departure station.

Arrival Station in Cox’s Bazar

The train journey terminates at Cox’s Bazar Railway Station, located close to the heart of the town, making it convenient for tourists to access various attractions.

Types of Trains

The Turna Nishita Express

The Turna Nishita Express is a popular choice for travelers. It provides both AC and non-AC compartments, making it suitable for a wide range of budgets. The train offers a comfortable and scenic journey.

The Sonar Bangla Express

Sonar Bangla Express is another preferred train for this route, known for its punctuality and reliability. It is a great option for a hassle-free journey.

The Mohanagar Godhuli

Mohanagar Godhuli, with its modern amenities and comfortable seating, ensures a pleasant trip to Cox’s Bazar. The train is a preferred choice for many passengers.

Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Train Ticket Price:

The minimum price of tickets for the upcoming Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar tourist railway has been proposed at Tk700 per person for non-AC coaches and Tk1,500 for AC, which would make it one of the most cost effective ways to travel from the capital directly to the country’s south-east coast.

The current fare for travelling from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar on a non-AC bus is Tk1,100, and it is Tk2,000 for an AC bus. Airfares on the same route range from Tk4,999 to Tk9,500.

The existing train fare for travelling from Dhaka to Chittagong is Tk1,179 for an AC coach and Tk345 for a non-AC coach.

Tickets for travelling from Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar on an AC bus range from Tk350 to Tk800, and for a non-AC bus, from Tk250 to Tk300. However, ticket prices for the same route on the tourist railway have been proposed at Tk100 for non-AC coaches, and Tk400 for AC coaches.

Economy Class

For budget-conscious travelers, the economy class offers an affordable ticket price. It is perfect for those who want to experience the train journey without breaking the bank.

First Class

First-class tickets are available for those seeking a more comfortable and spacious travel experience. The price is slightly higher but offers added comfort.

AC Sleeper Class

For those who prefer a more luxurious journey, the AC sleeper class provides air-conditioned compartments and cozy berths. It’s the ultimate choice for a relaxed trip.

How to Book Tickets

Booking tickets for the Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar train journey is easy and can be done online through the official Bangladesh Railway website or at the railway station’s ticket counters. It’s advisable to book your tickets in advance, especially during peak travel seasons.

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Air Schedule & Ticket Price:

Everyday 6+ flights go to dhaka to Cox’s Bazar by Bangladesh Biman airlines. It is fastest way to journey to Cox’s Bazar. Ticket fare updown some official reason. You book them any time by online or agency. I give you available ticket price in below:

  • Biman Bangladesh: 4000 – 9000 bdt. 2 flights per day
  • Novo Air: 4000 – 9000 bdt. 5 flights per day
  • US Bangla Airlines: 4500 – 8000 bdt. 2 flights per day
  • Regent Airways: 4500 – 9800 bdt. 2 flights per day

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Bus Schedule & Ticket Price:

There are available bus Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar daily. So you go to visit this tourists place VIP Ace bus or non Ace bus. Now some bus schedule and ticket price i will show you.

 Bus name  Ticket Price  Coach Type
Green Line 2500 Sleeper Bus
President Travels 2500 Double Deck AC
Tuba Line 2000 AC Bus
Silk Line 2000 AC Bus
Saint Martin Paribahan 2000 AC Bus
Hanif Enterprise 2000 AC Bus
Green Line 1800 AC Bus
Desh Travels 1800 AC Bus
Relax Transport 1800 AC Bus
Shohag Paribahan 1700 AC Bus
Ena Transport 1600 AC Bus
NR Travels 1600 AC Bus
Year 71 1600 AC Bus
Saint Martin Paribahan 1500 AC Bus
Royal Coach 1500 AC Bus
Green Saint Martin 1450 AC Bus
Ena Transport 1200 AC Bus
Shanti Paribahan 1000 AC Bus
Ena Transprot 1000 Non AC
Saint Martin Paribahan 900 Non AC
Hanif Enterprise 800 Non AC
Shyamoli SP 800 Non AC
Year 71 800 Non AC
NR Travels 800 Non AC

Cox’s Bazar Hotels List | Cox’s Bazar Room Price List

1. Sayeman Beach rosort


Marine Drive Road, Kolatali,
Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.
Call : +88 09610 777 888 / 0341 51350 / +88 01755 691917
Hotline : 01755691917
Email : vacation@sayemanresort.com / reservation@sayemanresort.com

2. Sampan Resort and Spa


Marine Drive Road, Himchori & Pancher Dwip,Ramu, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.
Call +88 01974 726 726 for booking
Email : sampanresort@gmail.com

3. Ocean Paradise Hotel and Resort


Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort,
28-29 Hotel Motel Zone, Kolatoli Road,
Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.
Phone : +88 0341 52370-9

Email : info@oceanparadisehotel.com

4. Hotel Sea World


Hotel Motel Zone, Sea Beach Road, Cox’s Bazar.
Phone : +88-0341-52226, +88-0341-51625
+88 01938 817501 – 12, 01746 825250
Website address : www.hotelseaworld.com

5. Hotel Silver Shine


26 Motel Road,
Cox’s Bazar – 4700, Bangladesh.
Phone : 0341-64610,64897, +88 01833 313001
Group Reservation : +88 01833-313000
Email : hotelsilvershine@gmail.com

Tips for a Comfortable Journey

To make your journey more enjoyable, consider the following tips:

  • Pack essentials like water, snacks, and entertainment.
  • Dress comfortably for the journey.
  • Arrive at the station well in advance.
  • Be cautious with your belongings during the trip.

Scenic Views Along the Route

One of the highlights of this train journey is the breathtaking scenery along the way. You’ll pass through lush green fields, serene rivers, and small towns, offering a glimpse into the picturesque landscapes of Bangladesh.

Traveling with Family and Friends

Train travel to Cox’s Bazar is an excellent option for families and groups of friends. It allows you to spend quality time together, play games, and savor the beautiful views outside.

Food and Refreshment Options

The trains offer onboard food services. You can savor delicious local snacks and meals during the journey, adding a culinary adventure to your trip.

Accommodation in Cox’s Bazar

Once you arrive in Cox’s Bazar, you’ll find a wide range of accommodation options, from budget hotels to luxury resorts, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant stay during your visit.

Final Thought:

The train journey from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar is an experience like no other. It combines the comfort of travel with the beauty of nature, creating cherished memories. So, get ready to embark on this remarkable journey and explore the wonders of Cox’s Bazar.

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