Dhaka To Khagrachari Bus Schedule & Ticket Price 2024

Dhaka To Khagrachari To Dhaka Bus Schedule & Ticket Price. How many buses run from Dhaka to Khagrachhari, the bus schedule for the route, and what is the price of the bus ticket are the most common questions that almost come from the passengers of that route. Maybe you are also a passenger on that route and so you have come here to know the bus schedule and route ticket prices. If I say yes, then you are in the right place. Here you will be able to get the answers to all the questions in detail. Just keep reading. 

  • 7 hr 14 min (285.0 km) via Dhaka – Chittagong Hwy/N1 and N1
  • 8 hr 44 min (306.2 km) via Dhaka – Chittagong Hwy/N1

Khagrachari is a district in the Chittagong Division, located on the south-eastern side of Bangladesh, and is a part of Chittagong Hill Tracts. Khagrachari is one of the most spectacular places in Bangladesh, with innumerable hills, forests, and waterfalls. Notable tourist attraction sites include Alutila Mysterious Cave, Alutila Tourists spot, Richhang Waterfall, Nunchhori Debota Pond, Dighinala Manikker Dighi, Shajek, and Marissa Vally, Yonge Buddha Bihar, Panichari Brihot Buddha sculpture, and many more!

Dhaka To Khagrachari Bus Schedule & Ticket Price

Dhaka to Khagrachhari is one of the well-known routes. Often the passengers try to travel some reliable buses so that they can get an exciting and safe journey. I have gathered here all the bus schedules that will help you in many ways will be able to provide you with a safe journey. In addition, you will get here the ticket prices along with the bus schedules. There are two types of bus tickets here AC and Non-AC.

Dhaka To Khagrachari Ticket Price:

Bus Name First Trip Last Trip Non-AC AC
Hanif 09:45 PM 10:45 PM 520 1000
Year-71 09:00 PM 09:00 PM
Saintmartin 08:45 AM 11:45 PM 1200
Soniya Shanti 520
S Alam 520
Shymoli 520
Shanti 520 900/1000
Echono 520
Eagla 520 850

The beauty of this Khagrachari region is made with great care of nature cannot be expressed in words. So,  there is no better choice than Khagrachari to lose yourself in the green and enjoy the harmony between hills and sky. In addition to seeing the diversity of tribal culture, there are numerous places of interest scattered all over the region that will satisfy the thirst of adventurous travelers.  Khagrachari is named after the Khagra forest. In the past, it was called Corpus Mahal. Gazipur To Khagrachari.

Dhaka To Khagrachari Bus Schedule & Ticket Price

Dhaka to Khagrachari is a route spread over 269.6 kilometers. Currently, With an average duration of 10-11 hours journey, depending on the road condition,

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