Dhaka To Rajshahi Train Schedule & Ticket Price

 Dhaka To Rajshahi Train Schedule & Ticket Price. Rajshahi Mango State. One-third of the mangoes available in Bangladesh come from Rajshahi. Beautiful tidy city. Filled with mango trees on both sides of the road. Not to mention Rajshahi University here. Students come here from far and wide to study. And so one of the means of travel is the train.

The train schedule and train ticket price put hare has been updated as per the updates of Bangladesh Railway. Changes may come from time to time by the railway authority. 

Dhaka To Rajshahi Google map:

Dhaka To Rajshahi Train Schedule & Ticket Price

The first thing you need to know is Dhaka to Rajshahi train schedule. Here we have discussed the Dhaka Rajshahi route train timetable, ticket fare, and others. All the schedules and information are based on the Bangladesh Railway official train services schedule. If the Bangladesh railway makes any changes, then we will update it here.

Dhaka to Rajshahi distance and travel time:

Distance from Dhaka to Rajshahi by rail is 343 kilometers. According to a survey by Bangladesh Railway. On the other hand, the road distance from Dhaka to Rajshahi is 250 km. Bi Bangladesh National portal

4 Intercity trains run on Dhaka to Rajshahi Route they take around 5 hours to cover the distance. train on Dhaka to Rajshahi Route has all the modern facilities. starting from simple and cheap qualities seats. 

Dhaka to Rajshahi train list:

1. Silk City Express.

2. Padma Express.

3. Dhumketu Express.

4. Banalata Express.

Dhaka to Rajshahi train schedule:

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Silkcity express (753) Sunday 14:45 20:35
Padma Express (759) Tuesday 23:00 04:30
Dhumketue express (769) Saturday 6:00 11:40
Bonolota express (791) Friday 13:30 18:15

Dhaka to Rajshahi  Train ticket price:

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon Chair 340
Snigdha 570
AC 680
Ac Birth 1020

Rajshahi tourist spot:

  1. Puthia Temple Complex 
  2. Varendra Research
  3. Choto Sona Mosque
  4. Pancharatna Gobinda Temple
  5. Bara Ahnik Mandir
  6. Bagha Mosque
  7. Navaratna Temple etc. 

How to Booking Train Ticket Dhaka to Tangail Online:

you have to register on the Bangladesh Railway Esheba website. you will not be able to buy a ticket before register on the railway Esheba website.


All information was based on the railway’s official website. May your journey be happy. This is our goal. We hope you come to our site and get some good information. If you need to know about any other train schedule, come back to our site and search.

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