Natore To Ishwardi Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2023

Natore To Ishwardi Train Schedule & Ticket Price. Every day a lot of people travel from Natore To Ishwardi by train. Are you one of them? To travel from Ishwardi to Natore, you should know the train schedule and their ticket prices. Today, I will share with you all the train schedules and train ticket prices in detail. Follow this article well. Here you will find train schedules from Ishwardi to Natore, ticket prices, and online ticket booking facilities. So that you can travel comfortably.

 Ishwardi Upazila (Pabna district). It is bounded by lalpur and baraigram upazilas on the north, kushtia sadar and mirpur (kushtia) upazilas and the ganges river on the south, pabna sadar and atgharia upazilas on the east, bheramara upazila and Ganges river on the west.

Distance for Natore To Ishwardi:

The distance between Natore To Ishwardi is 5o.4 Kilometers. you will not have difficulty in traveling due to the improved train service. Your trip will be beautiful and comfortable.

Natore To Ishwardi intercity train Schedule:

I want to inform you that there is a total of one train named Drutajan Express (758), and it travels daily on a certain route. The departure time of the train is 14:02, and it arrives at Natore at 14:37.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Drutajan Express (758) No 14:04 14:37

Natore To Ishwardi Train Ticket Price:

Train tickets are cheaper than bus tickets. Thousands of people travel on this route every day. Below is the price of the ticket

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 45
Shuvon Chair 50
First Seat 90
First Birth 110
Snigdha 100
AC 110
AC Birth 130

Ishwardi Tourist Spots :

  • Ancient Mosque at Beruan, Chadva: Pabna.
  • Azim Chowdhuri’s Jamindar Palace: Pabna.
  • Bengal Meat: Pabna.
  • Bera Port beside Hurasagor River: Pabna.
  • Bera Pump House & Sluice Gate: Pabna.
  • Boral Railway Bridge: Pabna.
  • Briddho Morich Shahi Mosque: Pabna.
  • Chatmohor Shahi Mosque: Pabna.
  • Cholon Beel: Pabna.
  • Combined Appropriate Agricultural Technology Museum: Pabna.
  • Faridpur Jamindar Palace: Pabna.
  • Faridpur Jamindar Queen’s Pond: Pabna.
  • Faridpur Upazila Parishad Gate: Pabna.
  • Gajnar Beel: Pabna.
  • Haripur Jamindarbari Pond: Pabna.
  • Handial Jogonnyath Mosque: Pabna.
  • Ishwardi Agricultural Research Institute: Pabna.
  • Ishwardi Airport: Pabna.
  • Ishwardi EPZ: Pabna.
  • Ishwardi Railway Junction: Pabna.
  • Khidirpur Jamindar Kacharibari: Pabna.
  • Lalon Shah Bridge: Pabna.
  • Lord Hardinge Railway Bridge: Pabna.
  • Muthurapur Mission: Pabna.
  • Pabna Cadet Collage: Pabna.
  • Pabna Mental Hospital: Pabna.
  • Somaj Shahi Mosque: Pabna.
  • Tarash Building: Pabna.
  • Tatibondo Jamindar Palace: Pabna.
  • Twin Bangla Temple: Pabna.
  • Varara Shahi Mosque: Pabna.

Here are some caveats: Train travel is as comfortable as it is difficult. For example, many types of fraudsters snatch money from passengers in various ways. You have to be careful about that. Something given by a stranger cannot be eaten. You have to take care of your product. Train windows must be kept closed while the train is running. You can’t smoke on the train. Thank you for staying with me and visiting the site.

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