Researchers say that video games improve the brain a lot ! How true that is

Researchers say that video games improve the brain a lot! How true that is.  A video game or computer game is an electric game that involves interaction with a user interface or input device, such as a joystick, controller, keyboard, for the motion-sensing device- to visual feedback. This feedback is shown on a video display device, such as a TV set, monitor, touch screen, or virtual reality headset. Video games are augmented with audio feedback delivered through speakers on headphones, and sometimes with other types of feedback, including haptic Technology.


Researchers say that video games improve the brain a lot

Researchers say that video games improve the brain a lot. On Facebook, we hear that various gaming groups and gamers are promoting these. Like video games, mobile games improve the brain a lot. It increases decision-making and attention.

Not only that, if someone is depressed, if he plays video games, his depression can be overcome. But the truth is that as long as you play games while you are depressed, you will stay focused on your game. When you finish playing the game, your mind will be the same again. That means you will fall into depression again. Video games are increasing their attention so much that even if you sit down to read, you will feel the words of the game.

Researchers say that video games improve the brain a lot ! How true that is

Video games improve the brain a lot?

There are thousand times more negative aspects of video games than there are positive aspects. Now, who are these researchers? Maybe a group of marketing developers in the video game organization! Apart from this, there is no one else. Video games play twelve of the eyes. Does playing video games reduce frustration? It’s nothing more than just jokes.

However, addiction games will be out of this list. For example, Pubji, Free Fire, etc. And when someone is depressed, they need a change in themselves to overcome that depression. That change can happen in any way, not just by playing games. So there is no point in giving specific credit to the game.

Researchers say that video games improve the brain a lot ! How true that is
Harmful aspects of video games:

Shopping in the game
Stranger friend
Not giving time to family
Not being able to mix with anyone
Can’t sleep
Irregularities in eating and drinking
The mood is irritable
Disobedient to parents

People listen to music to get rid of depression. Then the depression goes away. But that is through suicide. So if you listen to music, play games, it will reduce your depression. Please don’t bring these sciences to the fore anymore.

A study is not as easy as it seems on Facebook nowadays. It has many steps and is time-consuming. But Facebook is making it cheaper at once. Everyone is making statements as they wish – “Proven in research – Hen Ten”. So it is better not to listen to these.

Accurate research information about videogames:

Dhaka University Professor of Psychology. Nasreen Wadud told the BBC: The child gets excited about everything. The parents become disobedient. The mood becomes irritable. ”
According to the World Health Organization’s International Disease Classification Report, gaming addicts often lose interest in everything else. Besides, not being able to mix with anyone, there are irregularities in sleep, eating, and drinking.

While many games readily fall into clear, well-understood definitions of video games, new genres and innovations in game development have raised the question of what are the essential factors of a video game that separate the medium from other forms of entertainment.

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