Sonatala to Bogra Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Sonatala to Bogra Train Schedule & Ticket Price. Are you thinking of traveling to Bogra from Sonatala station? I hope this article is for you. Let’s follow out this article and find out your essential information. You will get information about the Sonatala to Bogra train schedule, ticket price, and other related information about the Sonatala to Bogra route train.

Bogra is the Northern district of Bangladesh, in the Rajshahi division. It is called the gateway to North Bengal. It is an industrial city where many small and mid-sized industries are housed. Bogra district was a part of the Ancient Pundravardhana territory and the ruins of Mahasthangarh, the ancient capital of Pundravardhana are located north of Bogra.

Sonatala to Bogra Train Schedule & Ticket Price

The train is one of the main parts of our daily life. It serves the best communication service to its passengers. Today we will discuss train, time, and ticket price from Sonatala to Bogra How many trains are there? And I will discuss how to book a train ticket.

Sonatala to Bogra train list:

Four Intercity trains run on Sonatala to Bogra Route. Karatua Express, Lalmoni Express, Dolonchapa Express, Rangpur Express. Below is the schedule. follow this article.

Distance for Sonatala to Bogra:

The distance between Sonatala to Bogra is 29 Kilometers. you will not have difficulty in traveling due to the improved train service. Your trip will be beautiful and comfortable.

Sonatala to Bogra intercity Train Schedule:

Four Intercity trains run on Sonatala to Bogra Route they take around one hour to cover the distance. train on Joypurhat to Nawapara Route has all the modern facilities. starting from simple and cheap qualities seats. 

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Karutoa Express (714) No 20:35 21:21
Lalmoni Express (752) Fri 12:34 13:04
Dolonchapa Express (768) No 11:01 11:35
Rangpur Express (772) Sunday 22:44 23:14

Sonatala to Bogra Train Ticket Price:

Train tickets are cheaper than bus tickets. Thousands of people travel on this route every day. Below is the price of the ticket

Seat Category Ticket Price 
Shuvon 45
Shuvon Chair 50
First Seat 90
First Birth 110
Snigdha 100
AC 110
AC Birth 130

Booking Train Ticket Sonatala to Bogra Online:

you have to register on the Bangladesh Railway Esheba website. you will not be able to buy a ticket before register on the railway Esheba website.

The tourist spot of Bogra:

  • Gokul Medh (Behula-Laxmindar): 
  • Groyen Dam:
  • Jogir Bhaban:
  • Kherua Mosque: 
  • Mohasthan Archaeological Museum: 
  • Mahasthangarh:
  • Mass-grave at Babur Pukur:
  • Muhammad Ali Palace Museum:
  • Panch Peer Mazar:
  • Saudia City Park: 
  • Shantahar Silo :
  • Shrine of Baba Adam (Rh.) & Adamdighi: Adamdighi, Bogra.r:
  • Vasu-Bihar:
  • Vobani Temple: 
  • Bogra. Temple: 
  • Wonderland: 

Here are some caveats: Train travel is as comfortable as it is difficult. For example, there are many types of fraudsters who snatch money from passengers in various ways. You have to be careful about that. Something given by a stranger cannot be eaten. You have to take care of your own product. Train windows must be kept closed while the train is running. You can’t smoke on the train. Thank you for staying with me and visiting the site.

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