Tangail To Parbatipur Train Schedule & Ticket price

Tangail To Parbatipur Train Schedule & Ticket price. The communication system of Bangladesh is gradually improving. Unlike in previous eras, people cannot walk the longest path. Different types of vehicles have given peace to public life. Similarly, the train is a communication system full of our importance. By train, we can go from one city to another very fast.

There are two Intercity trains on this route and these will make your journey more comfortable. Below are the train times, tickets and prices from Tangail to Parbatipur.

The present-day area of Kholahati was the site of a small Kingdom ruled by a local Raja called Kichak Raja. Kichack fort remains a place of interest in parbatipur.Kichak had a daughter called Payravati or Parvati. Parvathi was a child window and was once Kidnapped by miscreants and taken to the nearby dighi of dimali where she was assaulted in a Dishonorary manner . She letter committed suicide by drawing herself in the lake, in her honour the area was named by others as Parbatipur.

Tangail to parbatipur Distance:

Tangail to Parbatipur road distance is approximately 250 kilometers.

Tangail to parbatipur train List:

There are two Intercity trains on this route and these will make your journey more comfortable.

  1. Ekota Express (705)
  2. Drutajan Express (757)

Tangail to parbatipur train Schedule:

The trains are Ekota Express (705) and Drutajan Express (757). Chose one’s train and make your trip.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Ekota Express (705) No 12:05 18:15
Drutajan Express (757) No 22:00 03:15

Tangail to parbatipur train Ticket price:

You Can travel by train at a low cost. The train ticket prices are fixed from Bangladesh Railway. The prices are given below in the form of a chart.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 300
Shuvon Chair 360
1st Seat 475
1st Birth 715
Snigdha 595
Ac Seat 715
AC Birth 1070

Booking Train Ticket Tangai to Parbatipure Online:

you have to register on the Bangladesh Railway Esheba website. you will not be able to buy a ticket before register on the railway Esheba website.

Link: esheba.cnsbd.com

If you would like to know the information about your return route please leave a comment and feel free to contact us if you be any future questions about this.

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