2024 Toyota Prius Hybrid First Looks, Price, Full Review & Release Date

2024 Toyota Prius Hybrid Price

The 2024 Toyota Prius Hybrid price is yet to be officially announced by the company. However, based on current trends and past prices, we can expect it to be around the same range as the previous model year. The 2023 Prius Hybrid starts at $24,525 for the base model and goes up to $32,650 for the fully loaded version. Keep an eye out for official announcements from Toyota regarding the pricing and availability of the 2024 Prius Hybrid.

A high-tech car entered U.S. Toyota showrooms twenty-two years ago, revolutionizing the auto industry. Latin meaning “To Go Before,” the 2001 Prius introduced a new generation ecological vehicle that paired an electric generator with a highly efficient engine to get more miles per gallon. It was the first manufacturing hybrid car in the world. All 2024 Toyota Prius Hybrid as well as Prius Prime will be unveiled at a launch event the night well before the 2024 Los Angeles Motor Fair just at LA Convention Center, more than 20 years after the renowned brand first made its mark.

The business set its eyes on developing a fresh Prius for such future, and according to Dave Christ, group general manager and vice president of Toyota, “our engineering and design teams truly delivered.” “The Prius name carries together the identification of an entire class of vehicle powertrains, therefore it carries a lot of weight. The brand-new Prius & Prius Prime will undoubtedly carry on this significant tradition in 2024.” This year will end with the announcement of the thrilling, brand-new 2024 Prius Hybrid’s pricing and release date.

2024 Toyota Prius Hybrid Price

The 2024 Toyota Prius Hybrid will begin production this summer, and we expect to see it on the road by the end of the year. Pricing should remain close to the current model which ranges from $28,545 to $36,960.

                                     Country Price
2024 Toyota Prius Hybrid Price in USA $28,545 to $36,960.
2024 Toyota Prius Hybrid Price in UK  £24,270 to £29,565
2024 Toyota Prius Hybrid Price in Singapore SGD 201,888
2024 Toyota Prius Hybrid Price in Qatar QAR 95,500
2024 Toyota Prius Hybrid Price in Canada $38,610
2024 Toyota Prius Hybrid Price in Australia  $32,900 to $42,700
2024 Toyota Prius Hybrid Price in Germany   $27,548

Sports-inspired But Comfy

It was important to design the newest Prius so that it would satisfy customers’ practical and emotional needs as well. The 2024 Prius, which comes in LE, XLE, and Limited trim levels, is built upon the second-generation TNGA-C architecture, which offers a low center of gravity, less weight, and more rigidity than the first. As a result, the vehicle has a broader stance and a lesser driving position which nevertheless feels secure.

The all-new Prius, which was designed in Japan, delivers a look that is contemporary, forward-thinking, and subtle from the ground up. The latest Prius lowered the roofline by 2 inches compared to the previous generation for a more athletic appearance, giving it a piercing design that conveys a sense of aerodynamic flair. The vehicle’s rear is over 1 inch wider than the front, giving it a more dynamic appearance.

The XLE and Limited’s bigger wheels are also noticeable, giving them a sportier appearance while also giving drivers improved performance and handling. Additionally, compared to the prior generation Prius, the hip point is nearly an inch lower, and the battery arrangement is designed for a down center of gravity as well as increased cargo space.

Performance Built for a Purpose

Prius was designed with performance in mind. The new hybrid system improves engine and battery output, which improves both fuel efficiency and driving performance. Additionally improved are the acceleration sensation and vehicle control, giving electric vehicles a distinctive driving experience and accelerator response.

The larger 2.0L engine is mated to the fifth-generation hybrid drivetrain, which is housed under the back seat together with a newly created lithium-ion battery. An Electronic On-Demand AWD technology, which employs a motor to operate the rear wheels on AWD models, has been implemented. This system provides stable driving performance while starting off as well as driving on slick road surfaces like snow. Comparing the newly designed lithium-ion battery pack to the older Nickel Metal battery, the output is increased by 15% while the size and weight are decreased.

With 194 horsepower, its Front Drive (FWD) versions achieve a 0-60 speed of 7.2 seconds, providing an exciting acceleration experience. Compared to the previous FWD model’s 9.8 second time, this represents a 26% improvement.

Toyota Prius Hybrid has 196 horsepower as well as a 0-60 time, especially of 7.0 seconds for vehicles with All-Wheel Drive (AWD). On AWD variants, an elevated IPM (Interior Fixed Magnet) engine has been used for the rear motor. This allows for a simple package that improves the performance of climbing low-traction roads and the equilibrium when turning.

Passing the Test

No matter the grade, the brand-new 2024 Toyota Prius provides a broad range of basic and optional equipment. Prius owners will be prepared to look to the road ahead whether they select the LE, XLE, or Limited grade in Maximum Cooling Pearl, Cutting Edge, Sentinel Gray, Black, Supersonic Red, or Reservoir Blue.


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The brand-new Toyota Prius from 2024 comes with tools to make life easier, including a 12.3-inch Toyota Sound Multimedia system that was conceived and manufactured by Toyota’s Connected Technologies team in Texas. Additionally, Prius owners will have access to a variety of improved connection and convenience options, including as Over-the-Air (OTA) upgrades.

The onboard navigation system, called Cloud Navigation, uses the cloud to obtain the most recent map, traffic, and route data. The Google Points-of-Interest data is used to enable POI search, ensuring consumers have access to the most recent search capabilities. Additionally, Destination Assist provides 24/7 live agent support to help find the next destination.

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