Dhaka To Jamalpur Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Dhaka To Jamalpur Train Schedule & Ticket Price. Jamalpur district is the middle part of Bangladesh. It is an administrative district of the Mymensingh division located at the bank of the old Brahmaputra river. It is a famous Trade Centre for agricultural products. As the district is agriculture-based, there are found crops like rice, wheat, jute mustard seed, and peanut. The country’s biggest compost factory is located here.

Jamalpur Sajan important market Centre for the rise, sugar cane, jute, tobacco, and most produced in the reason. The cities are connected by rail, and river with Dhaka and the rest of the country. It has a railway station and 3 dakbungalows. The towns mean export jute,, tobacco, mustard seed, peanut leather, egg, pulse, betel leaf, and handicrafts. Making Nakshi Kantha.

It is bounded by Meghalaya State of India Sherpur and Kurigram districts at the north, Jamuna river, Bogra, Sirajganj, and Gaibandha district at west, Sherpur and Mymensingh districts at east, Tangail district at the south.

Dhaka to Jamalpur train route Distances:

Jamalpur can be reached by rail and road from Dhaka. The distance from Dhaka to Jamalpur by rail is 16 km and the distance by road is 200 km. There are 4 intercity trains from Jamalpur

There are a total of 6 trains on the Jamalpur route from Dhaka. Of these, 4 are intercity trains and 4 are mail trains.

Dhaka to Jamalpur Train List:

Dhaka to Jamalpur 4 intercity train.

  • Tista Express
  • Aghnibina
  • Bhrammaputra Express
  • Jamuna Express

Dhaka to Jamalpur Mail train.

  • Dewangonj Commuter
  • Jamalpur Commuter
  • Vawal Express
  • Jamalpur Express

Dhaka To Jamalpur Train Schedule:

Dhaka to Jamalpur intercity train schedule.

Train Name (Code) Departure time Arrival time Off Day
Aghnibina (735) 11:00 AM 3.05 PM No off day
Bhrammaputra Express (743) 6.15 PM 10.45 PM No off day
Jamuna Express (745) 4.45 PM 9:20 PM No off day
Tista Express (707) 07.30am 11.34 AM Monday

Dhaka to Jamalpur mail train schedule.

Train Name (Code) Departure time Arrival time Off Day
Dewangonj Comuter (51) 3.40 pm 10.15 pm No off Day
Jamalpur Comuter(47) 5.40 am 11.40 am No off day
Vawal Express (55) 9.20 pm 5.40 pm No off day
Jamalpur Express 10.30 am 04.05 om No Off Day

How to Booking Train Ticket Dhaka to Jamalpur Online:

you have to register on the Bangladesh Railway Esheba website. you will not be able to buy a ticket before register on the railway Esheba website.

Click:   esheba.cnsbd.com

Jamalpur Tourist spots:

  • Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jamal (Rh)
  • Malancha Mosque
  • Lauchapara Picnic Spot
  • Gandhi Ashram and Freedom Struggle Museum
  • Shrine of Hazrat Shah Kamal (Rh)
  • Jamuna Fertilizer Company Ltd
  • Luis Village
  • Doyamoyee Mandir
  • Kali Pahadia
  • JSA Stadium
  • Jamalpur Locomotive Workshop
  • Death Valley

Jamalpur is a very beautiful city. The whole content was about Jamalpur Railway. I hope you like it. Let the good and the bad comment, please.

Dhaka to Jamalpur Train Ticket Price

Before take a ticket you have to know about ticket price. Ticket price depend on your seat class or your destination. Here we have mentioned ticket that applicable for intercity train. Mail train ticket is lower than intercity because it’s slower and has no facility.

  • Seat Section

    Ticket Price (15% VAT)


    185 Tk

    Shovon Chair

    220 Tk

    First Seat

    295 Tk

    First Berth

    440 Tk


    420 Tk

    AC Seat

    506 Tk

    AC Berth


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