PlayStation Sony CES 2023 PS5 Gaming Highlights

PlayStation Sony CES 2023 PS5 Gaming Highlights

Sony’s press conference at the CES 2017 trade show began with an introduction of the new PlayStation 4 Pro. The system features a CPU and GPU that are up to 8 times faster than the original PS4. Other new features for this console include: The ability to play games in 4K resolution on HDR-enabled TVs, including models from Sony-owned brands such as Bravia and Insignia; A more powerful DualShock controller that also includes an updated touchpad, directional buttons, and triggers; And finally, the Share button functionality lets you quickly share gameplay clips or

PlayStation Sony CES 2023 PS5 Gaming Highlights | PSVR2! Above, during Sony’s presentation in 2023, the company said that people who love PS5 should have an easier way to move forward. Besides, the author also declares PlayStation’s accessibility controller Project Leonardo for those with default.

In Short

For the time being, in Sony’s presentation time at the CES 2023, they revealed that people will now get it easier to find their hands on the PS5. Incidentally, PlayStation also crossed selling over 30 million units today. Though, along with December 2022 it’s the ‘biggest month ever’ for buyers. Still, in November, PS5 sold 25 million units in 2022. Over there, Sony set up a new controller kit on Project Leonardo, which concentrates on making gaming simple for people with disabilities.

 Soon, the CEO of PlayStation Jim Ryan, said during his speech that they will not make any concessions for everyone who loves to play ps5 to find them at retailers worldwide. Moreover, He was also happy with the players for being patient with the company. Later on, Jim Ryan experiments to increase the result for consoles during the ‘global challenges’ over the last two years.

Over 30 million PlayStation units sold

Meanwhile, Sony’s official website shares a tweet, and they confirm their last sale. The month of December is known as the peak business success time for them. They didn’t expect to total sell more than 30 million units worldwide. On that tweet, they patiently say “Thanks for playing, everyone – 2023’s gonna be a great year!”

In December 2022, Ryan also created an outlook at the PlayStation Partner Awards in Japan. Ryan had told that the committee has solving the long-term supply problem of the PS5′.

During the program, the CEO first addressed the audience and said we want to inform you all that, we are working hard to solve the problems that we had in the past long-term supply issues of PlayStation 5. After all, he told everyone that we are often close to solving the problem and that by 2023 in Japan and most of Asia this year, we will reach everyone.”

Sony introduces Project Leonardo

In order to share the joy of gaming with no age, Saturn has announced that a new controller kit will be added to support proper functionality. We hope you all will Say hello to Project Leonardo because they working hard to make gaming easier and more accessible for people with disabilities.

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