Dhaka To Pabna Train schedule & Ticket Price

Dhaka To Pabna Train schedule & Ticket Price. Are you thinking of going to Pabna from Dhaka? Pabna train route is a popular and best route in Bangladesh. This route train travel is very comfortable. And read the post very soon without delay and get the idea. How about train time, ticket booking and price from Dhaka to Pabna.

Pabna, West Central Bangladesh. It lies along the Ichamati river, which is a tributary of the upper Padma river.

An industrial center, Pabna has mills for jute, Cotton, rice, flour. oil.Peper. and sugar. Also products pharmaceuticals.. Hoshiyari and hand movement products are important cottage industries. Historical remains include the19th century Hindu temple of jor Bangla and the Pabna jubilee tank. Pabna was incorporate as a municipality in 1876. It has several general and specialized hospitals, including and mental hospital, and numerous Government and private colleges.

Dhaka to Pabana Google Map:

Dhaka To Pabna Train schedule & Ticket Price

Dhaka to Pabna Distance:

5 hr 34 min (203 km)

via Dhaka – Tangail Hwy/Joydevpur – Tangail – Jamalpur Hwy/N4


Just after crossing the Jamuna Bridge, the road that goes to a Pabna is spread as far as the horizon. paddy and jute fields, bright yellow mustard fields, Golden corn, and sugar cane fields. quaint little hamlets, rows upon rows of coconut and areca palm trees, and small rivers and Canals will catch your eye.

Dhaka To Pabna Train schedule:

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
715 Kapotaksha Express Saturday Ishurdi 11:55:00 AM Rajshahi 1:10:00 PM
716 Kapotaksha Express Saturday Ishurdi 3:30:00 PM Khulna 8:50:00 PM
725 Sundarban Express Tuesday Ishurdi 12:35:00 AM Dhaka 5:40:00 AM
726 Sundarban Express Wednesday Ishurdi 11:30:00 AM Khulna 4:20:00 PM
727 Rupsha Express Thursday Ishurdi 12:50:00 PM Saidpur 5:15:00 PM
728 Rupsha Express Thursday Ishurdi 12:50:00 PM Khulna 6:00:00 PM
747 Simanta Express No Ishurdi 2:00:00 AM Saidpur 6:20:00 AM
748 Simanta Express No Ishurdi 11:35:00 PM Khulna 4:30:00 AM

How to Booking Train Ticket Dhaka to Pabna Online:

you have to register on the Bangladesh Railway Esheba website. you will not be able to buy a ticket before register on the railway Esheba website.

Link:   esheba.cnsbd.com

Dhaka To Pabna Train Ticket price:

Pabna tourist spots :

  • Ancient Mosque at Beruan, Chadva: Pabna.
  • Azim Chowdhuri’s Jamindar Palace: Pabna.
  • Bengal Meat: Pabna.
  • Bera Port beside Hurasagor River: Pabna.
  • Bera Pump House & Sluice Gate: Pabna.
  • Boral Railway Bridge: Pabna.
  • Briddho Morich Shahi Mosque: Pabna.
  • Chatmohor Shahi Mosque: Pabna.
  • Cholon Beel: Pabna.
  • Combined Appropriate Agricultural Technology Museum: Pabna.
  • Faridpur Jamindar Palace: Pabna.
  • Faridpur Jamindar Queen’s Pond: Pabna.
  • Faridpur Upazila Parishad Gate: Pabna.
  • Gajnar Beel: Pabna.
  • Haripur Jamindarbari Pond: Pabna.
  • Handial Jogonnyath Mosque: Pabna.
  • Ishwardi Agricultural Research Institute: Pabna.
  • Ishwardi Airport: Pabna.
  • Ishwardi EPZ: Pabna.
  • Ishwardi Railway Junction: Pabna.
  • Khidirpur Jamindar Kacharibari: Pabna.
  • Lalon Shah Bridge: Pabna.
  • Lord Hardinge Railway Bridge: Pabna.
  • Muthurapur Mission: Pabna.
  • Pabna Cadet Collage: Pabna.
  • Pabna Mental Hospital: Pabna.
  • Somaj Shahi Mosque: Pabna.
  • Tarash Building: Pabna.
  • Tatibondo Jamindar Palace: Pabna.
  • Twin Bangla Temple: Pabna.
  • Varara Shahi Mosque: Pabna. 

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