Khagrachari To Dhaka Bus Schedule & Ticket Price 2024

Khagrachari To Dhaka Bus Schedule & Ticket Price. How many buses run from Khagrachhari to Dhaka, the bus schedule for the route, and what is the price of the bus ticket are the most common questions that almost come from the passengers of that route. Maybe you are also a passenger on that route and so you have come here to know the bus schedule and route ticket prices. If I say yes, then you are in the right place. Here you will be able to get the answers to all the questions in detail. Just keep reading. 

  • 7 hr 14 min (285.0 km) via Dhaka – Chittagong Hwy/N1 and N1
  • 8 hr 44 min (306.2 km) via Dhaka – Chittagong Hwy/N1

Dhaka is the capital and the largest city of Bangladesh, holding up to 180 million residents. With headquarters of all the major local and multinational companies, Dhaka city is the hub of all trade and commerce for the country. Major Commercial Areas of Dhaka are Motijheel, Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Banani, Uttara and Karwan Bazar. Over the years, the city has seen a lot of growing middle class families meaning higher consumer spending. Thus, the demand for leisure has increased as well!

Khagrachari To Dhaka Bus Schedule & Ticket Price

Khagrachhari to Dhaka is only the route by which you can come to the northern part of the country. So apparently it’s the busiest route. Here if you notice below you will find some bus schedules as well as their first and last trip times. Also, you will be able to get here the ticket prices of certain buses. Most of the buses have two types of ticket prices AC & Non-AC. For more information read the following table carefully.

Bus Name First Trip Last Trip Non-AC AC
Hanif 09:30 PM 520 1000
Saintmartin 09:20 PM 1200
Soniya Shanti 520
S Alam 520
Shymoli 520
Shanti 520 900/1000
Echono 520
Eagla 520 850



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